Strategy Development

We define cross channel retail strategy as the coordinated efforts between Ecommerce and other business teams; resulting in a stronger, more profitable customer experience.

There are vast differences in cross channel strategies across markets, categories, and retailers. Each retailer will evolve in their own unique way. Our strategic planning work help retailers develop a strong ecommerce business which will capitalize on strengths, short term opportunities, and develop long term goals. Once the role of the online business is clear we develop a cross channel roadmap to meet the needs of the customer, differentiate from the competition, and improve financial return.

We have developed a framework that helps retailers understand their options in Ecommerce and we work with them to drill down to the tactical levels on what is right for their business. For more depth on our framework, click through to see the Ecommerce Strategy Spectrum.

Our strategic planning answers:

  • What is the role of the online channel within my broader business strategy?
  • How big is my online or cross channel opportunity?
  • What should my cross channel customer experience be like?
  • Which cross channel capabilities are best for my business and how should I prioritize them?
  • Should my products, marketing, and promotion be the same or different in all channels?
  • How should I organize for success?
  • What is the best operating infrastructure option to fit my business?
  • What are financial requirements to support the strategic plan?


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