Ecommerce Performance Assessment

Our experienced Ecommerce experts deliver analyses and recommendations to achieve short term revenue and profit gains, business gaps, and identify unique opportunities to achieve goals.

We have established industry benchmarks from our work with a wide assortment of retailers across all sectors of the retail industry. This allows us to review the current performance of your business and to find improvement opportunities based on similar retailers.

Many companies think a new Ecommerce platform will solve their performance challenges. If that is what you need, we can help you identify a platform that will be best for you based on your strategy, business requirements and investment tolerance. But, the elapsed time between looking for your new platform and developing it, are typically between a year and eighteen months. No business today can be put “on hold” for that amount of time. Often there are short term improvements that can increase your ecommerce business performance.

As part of our strategy projects we help companies realize short term revenue and profit opportunities to increase performance while working on the longer term plan.

Most Ecommerce executives will tell you that they spend time on several basic questions:

  • Where is customer traffic is going to come from? Are we using all of our available media assets wisely? Can we make our marketing budget go farther?
  • Do we have the best product assortment for the ecommerce channel? What is the difference in customer preferences between the web and store?  Is it possible to gain more profit through a slightly different markdown cadence? Should my promotions differ from the store to capitalize on the shamelessly promotional nature of the web?
  • Do I have a good plan for mobile and social media?
  • What are my goals with this effort and how can I measure and test to achieve better results?

Their focus and attention is on the customer who is arriving at the site.

  • Are we supporting best practice styles and programs for digital?
  • Is the product being presented in the right way?
  • Has the customer landed in the best possible place on the site for their interest?
  • Can the visitor go through the purchase process easily and without distraction?

And good executives will make sure that the post purchase process will support the level of service demanded by the brand and the customer.  They ensure that their call center is efficient throughout the year, freight costs are negotiated to market best and packaging helps achieve goals.

Through our in-depth discovery process we surface opportunities and help your team to prioritize resources and investments.

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