International Ecommerce Expansion

Driven by domestic slowdowns, enticing growth rates in less mature markets, and glimmers of demand from customers we often disrespect, we appear to be poised for a wave of International Ecommerce growth. As we have delved into the issues and drawn upon our project experiences, we have come to appreciate the many options available, each with different risk/reward profiles. Emerging demand has created an expanded range of strategic options that provide greater flexibility, which is critical in a challenging retail environment. We encourage anyone interested in the international opportunity to know their options.

The litany of issues and challenges can be daunting and have hindered decision making. Yet, the combination of market forces and solutions are providing the catalyst to venture into new markets.

International E-commerce Strategies
No “One Size Fits All

Stages of International Ecommerce Expansion
Stage Passive Participatory Active
Average revenue potential (International as a % of total ecommerce) <2% <10% 10-25%
Investment Little or none $-$$ $$$$
Geographic Scope Undefined Cross Border In Country Expansion
Operating Model
  • Accepts International Order
  • Ships overseas with little regard for customer experience
  • Tactical focus on tools (e.g., cart, shipping, customer service) to assist the international customer
  • Enterprise strategy and regional operations
  • Aspires to duplicate the domestic experience

Our proprietary framework and facilitation process help support decisions necessary regarding the best operational approach while providing a focus on customer experience and reduced risk.  Our extensive International network and partnership with Ebeltoft Group allow us to provide “on the ground” cultural and competitive insights and local preferences. Whether our client is hoping to expand through cross border shipping or develop a localized ecommerce experience abroad we can provide guidance to achieve international goals.

Our International Ecommerce expansion work provides recommendations to answer questions such as:

  • Where should I focus my efforts?
  • How big is my International opportunity?
  • What should I do for my website to improve sales from International visitors?
  • Should my product offering differ?
  • What types of technology, logistics, and marketing partners should I use to help achieve my goals?
  • How should I organize to support the International effort?
  • Once I’ve decided to use a cross border service, how can I drive the business?


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