Organization Design

Cross-channel organization design has been an often-discussed topic in recent years, as more companies make a greater commitment to pursuing cross-channel retailing strategies. Yet, industry benchmarks documenting the current organization design standards among leading retailers were largely absent until our original 2008 benchmark study for and the NRF. Historical findings from our qualitative research show two primary organization structures: one in a state of semi-integration of the direct retail business with the core (stores) business, the other as a largely independent direct organization that takes minimal cues from the core business. Both have proven to be successful based on differing goals, and both have enjoyed the high growth rates of their e-commerce channel over the past decade. However, as consumers demand more channel integration and retailers strategies support cross channel we see deeper organizational integration.

We are proud to have been asked again to partner with and the NRF on organization design. Our new study “Organizational Structure For the Future of Retail: The Digital Effect”  can be downloaded here . If you are not a member of or the NRF, please call us to discuss your thoughts or questions on this critical subject.

It is important for Senior leaders to understand their options and the pros and cons of integrated teams by functional area. We assist in this along with the risks and risk mitigation associated with organizational change to support cross channel strategies.

Web Strategy and Organization Design


Our Organization Design work provides recommendations to answer questions such as:

  • How can my organization structure best support my cross channel strategy?
  • What are best practices in organization design for multichannel retailers?
  • How should we measure success?
  • What skills should I build in house and what can I outsource?
  • What level of resources do I need for success?
  • How do I leverage my core business to benefit the online channel
  • How can I integrate digital disciplines throughout the organization?
  • Where should my social and mobile  teams report to?


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