Organizing For Cross Channel Retail

Okamura Consulting is proud to have partnered
with and the NRF To Present:

“Organizational Structure For
The Future of Retail: The Digital Effect”


Organization Design Benchmarks for Multichannel Retailers and NRF Members can download the study here .

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The primary objective of this research is to provide insights to assist retailers with their organization design. More specifically, the research explores “How does digital fit into my overall company structure in a less silo-ed multichannel world? And therefore, how do I need to organize the company towards that goal?”

These Organization Design benchmarks have been developed from qualitative research with 29 leading national multichannel retailers including multi-brand, vertically integrated and global brand manufacturers.  Participants were candid and insightful allowing for rich findings that inform the study.

Specific questions being addressed in the study include:

  • What are the important organizational issues and solutions for retailers and manufacturers who are embracing digital integration strategies?
  • How well are integrated functional teams working (for example, Merchandising, Marketing)?
  • What are the roles and internal partnerships of IT and the CIO in digital integration?
  • Where do new areas such as mobile and social reside in the organization and how are they integrated into the enterprise?
  • How are multi-brand companies or global brands developing shared service ecommerce teams?